hi guys i was just on webkinz and i was renaming my room (this may not be new) and saw that there is a diff.  

system of diong it it is so cool now i do not have to type ex. black and white dog room!!just that and remeber START DONATEING! please



hi guys sorry i was not on for like a while it is school so the contest for my LOVELY sis Sarah is done tomaro i ca not spell i am in rush idk why but i am.i need more hits so get people and then soon i have the biggest contest ever thanks 


to things i put this elephant on becuase they are the best i love them and look how cute they are and please donate for the huge contest!


hi saying fourth a july one is finish prizes has been but there is a new 1 this is dedicate to SARAH for her B-day.Her it is
no sweraing
and have fun

10 good &bad fairy t shirts won by 1kbuckeye9
25 sherbert bunnyfood won by 1kbuckeye9
50 game room floring won by 1kbuckeye9
100 art table won won by 1kbuckeye9!
150 gift box shoes
250 toucans psf & pinapple lamp; sherbert bunnys
300 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Quiz time
I think i am the first to say there is a new under water theme http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb316/hsayers18/RoomoftheWeek11-2.jpg


Hi everyone this is huge my sister birthday is in 3 days!we are guing up north So if you see this please go to her blog and say happy birthday and give her a little gift~thanks Happy Birthday Sarah

if you had not heard of her her site ishttp://saraheolson.wordpress.com/

names sarah and is the best sister ever

hi i am back

READ ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

MY TRIP hi i just got back from Minnesota i had so much fun we saw are relatives that we only see once a year abd we stay in in a RV suonds weird hun but it was camping and fun one time i was at the park and these kids were ther and i somehow put woodchips in there huose it abd a girl said she pubch me and she tried andtried but cuold not get me it was funny.We stayed there for 3 days at the campground then my relatives left and my family went to mall of americait was sweet!i just got back


my contest are not doing well so i need people tell frieds i do not want to write more beacuse u can not c my contest so do not forget about them!


hi i now you love to advirtise so do it here plus i love seeing allur blogs i thinks it so fun so if u c this please write it down!


guess what my has the toucan webkinz and croc i want the toucan probally and my brother gets the croc and my sis sarah probally is getting the wrotwiller i just need to earn money i praticly spent it all at mall of america 

Tocan PSF

SO once i get my tocan i will be saying every 150  200 400 450 coment (on this section) will get a tuocan psf or sherbert bunny u pick thanks

ps   it will say PSF on section/page thing if it has this thing

Header Alert!

i need a header i had one made but it wouldn’t let me do it first i need help

1.how do you get header on blog( i now where but how)

2.where will i get one

3 will someone make me one please

4 if you do i want it to say amandalog with sherbert bunys and elephants

thats it htatnks and ps here is a fact my user name EASTERBUNNYFUN (Easterbunnyfun) is bcause of my sherbert bunny rainbow!and i have to contest giong so check them out


i got a Rhino!she is so cute I think i m going to name her Rhianna (i think that is how you spell it? i looked it dictionary too so hopefully it is right anyway….). My mom fuond them at tadpoles for only $10. or was it 8 nvm that.Bt you can comment on this blog or something trade i do not care! have fun with my other contest though!